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A "Grub Crawl" is essentially a walking social food tour  in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. We take a group of Grub Crawlers to a series of restaurants and have everyone taste the best dishes each restaurant has to offer, all in one night. Reservations are already set. Each restaurant selects the dish they want to showcase. We provide a completely unique dining experience at a reasonable and discounted price! Grub Crawlers get to indulge themselves in the food, the restaurants, the culture, and the San Francisco Neighborhoods.

1 Crawl. 3 Restaurants. Infinite Fun.

San Francisco Social Food Tour New Dining Experiences in San Francisco SF Foodies


The "Grub Crawl" idea came about after the company founders went on a three and a half week backpacking adventure through nine European cities. During that trip, they joined a number of guided pub crawls that brought groups of people to a series of pubs, bars and clubs all in one night. They left Europe intrigued by the pub crawl experience of meeting new people and trying different venues.

Back home in San Francisco, dining out at one of the local restaurants the idea hit them smack across their faces, mouths, and taste buds. They wanted to bring the same fun experience home, but wanted to put a unique twist on it.

"Instead of a pub crawl, we should name it Grub Crawl and take everyone to all these great restaurants! After all, the San Francisco Bay Area is considered one of the food meccas of the world.”

The first Grub Crawl happened one night in 2009 with close friends. The reviews were outstanding. The founders knew they had something big and thought everyone should come on a Grub Crawl! After thorough planning, Grub Crawl launched their website,, in 2010.

Since then, Grub Crawl has been an outlet for those individuals with an appreciation for diverse tastes, discovering unique restaurants and meeting new people.


What does “Grub” mean?
“Grub” is a slang term meaning “to eat”

What is a “Grub Crawler”?
An individual who participates in a Grub Crawl to explore diverse tastes, discover unique restaurants and meet new people

Do Grub Crawl tickets have to be purchased in advance?
Tickets must be purchased in advanced through

What does the Grub Crawl ticket cover?
The ticket includes restaurant reservations, food, taxes and tip. However, drinks are not included (drinks tax and tips are also not included) and will have to be paid separately.

How much food is served during a Grub Crawl?
Enough food is served to be full before it ends, so pacing is advised

How much walking is involved during a Grub Crawl?
On average a few blocks between restaurants but it varies

How does Grub Crawl accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies?
Email any requests or concerns to Grub Crawl needs at least 24 hours in advance to accommodate.